Attend Events and Meet New Friends​

So how can you join or set up events in your area?

When you press the events tab on Community, it will give you an option to create your own pet event by entering the kind of event you are hosting, photos of the event, brief description of the event and where it is located, and what day you choose to host it on. Some examples of pet events to host would be pet photo shoots, pet therapy sessions, or just pet walks through the neighborhood.

If you want to join an event someone else is hosting, simply press the add event button to see which different events are going on in your community. You can look up past events people have held, current events going on in your area right now, or future events that you and your pet can participate in later on.

Event Set up

You can also sort out different events or search for specific events using the search bar located near the top of the page, as well as save events you’re interested in. These will then pop up first and serve as a reminder of events that you may want to attend.