Meet New Paws

Meet New Paws in Your Area!

Meet New Paws will revolutionize how social dating platforms are viewed as a whole. It is an idea taken partly from your pet’s perspective as well as your own, allowing you both to connect with other local pet owners and their pets.

When you download the app and begin creating an account, you will first enter in your information relevant to each section, along with a relevant photo of yourself for others to see. You can add information such as a biography about you, what your interests are, and enter your search preferences for finding other pet owners in your area.

Swipe Right or Left

Once you have submitted that information, you can then start to introduce your pet to the Furtrieve Community. Provide information about your pet, including its name, gender, age, and breed, along with awesome photos to give others a better description of what your pet looks like.

When you have entered that information, just click on the Meet New Paws tab or click explore down near the bottom to start finding matches for both you and your pet. Once you’re looking at a pet and its owner’s profile, you can then either swipe left to keep searching or swipe right to create a match and begin to connect with them.

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