Find Your Groups

Find and join groups of pet people in your area or across the country that have similar interests or share certain likes. Thankfully with Community Groups, it’s easy to accomplish this task. At the top of the page, you will see a search bar to look up different groups in your area. You can do this by entering in specific group names, key words often used by a group, or different cities to filter out groups that do not offer events in your area.

When you click on a group, it will enlarge their page to give you a better description of the group itself, such as how many people are in the group and what the focus for that group is for.

If you find a group that fits your criteria, you can choose to join that group and stay up to date on content, information, connections, activities and events that may be held throughout the year. This group will then pop up automatically at the top of your page as a saved group.

Interest Groups

Community Groups makes it easy to create your own group as well. You can create a group by adding yourself along with a few other contacts you have met on the Community app and post it in the groups search for others to join.